Gardening in Bel-Air

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry I’ve been quiet this past week.  Gardening and seeking new soils have been consuming all my time!

That’s right, I’m very fortunate enough to have a small garden up in Bel-Air where I grow delicious fruits and vegetables.

It’s fun gardening and planting!

I get my hands dirty – don’t shower or shave for days – and just get real into it!

Some tasty parsley sprouted up, which I’m really proud of – they grew in perfect time for a Jewish holiday called Passover.

Funny how the universe works!  Right when you plant something with good intention – it appears!

These organic greens of the earth symbolize a new beginning – a time of renewal!

Do you feel a new you coming in?

I sure do!

I was really excited about the parsley crop and thought I would share a short clip of me in the garden a few days prior  to their seder debut which I will tell you about later.

Until next time,

Miso Man

Fresh Bag of Greens