Vegan Burger & a Shorty

Wow, it sure does feel good to Stay Grateful!

Today, as I surrender to the magical gift of life,  I am overcome with deep feelings of gratitude for family, friends, and global lovers.

I don’t know who I’d be without you!

You are my stars. You are my guiding lights. You are special ingredients to delicious bites!

A day does not pass by where I neglect to recognize how lucky I am to walk this holy road together on earth!

Your open hearts, trusting souls, and encouraging smiles make me the man I am today and I thank you!

In the past couple days, I’ve received messages from people across the world dialing into the miso hotline offering loving thoughts, messages & tips on miso.

With joy and delight I mixed these unique voices together capturing the essence of compassion while preserving the mystery of making miso soup.

Although, green vegetable talk & healthy living tips were limited, I am grateful for the kindness of picking the phone up and speaking your mind!

If you have any interest in hearing these “grace notes of gratitude”, feel free to play along below and tap on the link…


Music by Mark E – “The Day”

This week’s challenge is expressing your own daily gratitude.

Do you have a message of gratitude or an uplifting thought you would like to share?

Please dial:

(877) 930-MISO      that’s 1-877-930-6467     Leave a line at the beep.

With blessings of love,


Staying grateful is a state of being –  a way of life.” –  The Grace of Gratitude

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