Got a Tip? 1-877-930-MISO

Got a Positive Thought?

A few weeks ago we implemented a new positive messaging system encouraging friends, family & miso enthusiasts to leave daily tips through a discreet miso hotline.

With phenomenal feedback and insight from fascinating people all over the world, we’d like to thank you for your gracious recipes, secret ingredients, and self-improvement tips!

For those who have not had a chance to call in…

The number is (877) 930-MISO        That’s 1-877-930-6476       Please leave a positive thought at the beep.

Now, today, with good intentions from the universe, we received an exciting “underground tip” from a friend & trusted colleague, who goes by the name of “Da Don” Miso.

With his ear to the street – he knows the underground– Da Don Miso seeks the finest miso around!
Let’s listen in and hear what Da Don has found!
Feel free to play along  ➘
Got a positive tip or thought?   I want to hear from you!
You can dial:
(877) 930-MISO    1-877-930-6476
You can record a voice note on your phone and send it to:
I will back it up with a beat.
Blessings of Love.