“Miso in Springtime”

Miso in Springtime

Love is in the air, can’t ya feel it?

Has anyone else noticed a conscious shift of energy, recently?

I feel the air has changed gear.

It must be springtime!

That’s right, a time of change has come.

Right now, more than ever before, we are forced to step up to the garden and grow into our true essence!

There is nothing to wait for…

Let’s plant seeds and sprout like brussels.  Step into the soil, get dirty digging for roots, and evolve!

The gift inside of you is waiting to come out 😉

What can you offer the garden?

I’ll tell you what I’m planting…..I’m growing vines of love, seeds of strength,  and leaves of courage with a heart of gold.

All I ask is you step into your true power. There is nothing to be afraid of!

We got your back.

Here I am in the garden observing my spinach patch.

Miso in his garden

“May you move with the wind & soar in the sky”