Are You A Shrimp?

Life is all about new experiences.  Wouldn’t you say?

A first kiss.  Seeing a new city.  Beginning a new job. A fresh start to life.

Well, I find this interesting correlation between making miso soup and these remarkable life experiences.

Ya see, I aim to create something new before stepping into the kitchen to make miso soup.

For the most part, that means shaking it up, experimenting outside the box, concocting unlikely killer combinations intending to please….intending to nourish your soul.

It’s about stepping up to the kitchen with confidence, without fear of striking out.

And if you swing and miss, what do you do?

You step back up and cook again.  Being unafraid.

Take last night for instance.  I received inspiration from who knows where to use an ingredient that I have never used with miso before in my life.

I was in a pescatarian mood and thought it could be interesting to pan fry some fish balls for the soup.  Thinking it would be quite delightful, I proceeded with the plan, and then, out of nowhere, I heard a  voice whisper in my ear, softly suggesting, “Try Gefilte Fish.”

I went to the market got all the ingredients, came back home started chopping, had the pot poppin’ with vegetables and when it came time to mix the miso….I was ready.

I grabbed Bubbies Horseradish to get a kick, mixed it with the miso paste, added the water, and then all of a sudden I heard another voice. Sounded like her name was Intuition.  She whispered, “Don’t add the Gefilte Fish.”

I nodded my head, trusting her…. and just like that switched the game-plan, paying closer attention to the broccoli branches bubbling and the shrimp I slipped in.  Plus, I had Udon noodles ready and just like that we were set to sip.

I proudly served a bowl.  My friend said it tasted special.  He loved the broccoli, appreciated the shrimp, even understood the horseradish.  Although he first frowned at the Gefilte Fish, he came to enjoy the delicitessan which I ended up serving on the side.  (I did taste it with the soup and I surely don’t recommend it)

Call it the Udon Shrimp ‘N Broccoli Miso Combo w/ Gefilte Fish on the side.


And the cooking lesson?

Eat the shrimp. Don’t be a shrimp.

Be unafraid. Try something new. You never know where it may lead.   And if it ends up not going as planned,  it’s ok to change directions.

And if you do try something new, please let me know as I sure would like to hear!

Your friend,

The Miso Man

Bubbies Horseradish - thumbs up by the miso man

Don’t be a shrimp