Sunday Sessions w/ Miso

A Great Herb Named Dill

Welcome to “Sunday Sessions with Miso”,  a weekly gathering aimed to honor the magical wonders of this world.

A divine day to devote and give gratitude to The Universe’s Greatest Gifts, Sundays are very special days to praise our unique spirit.

Sure, I encourage gratitude as a daily occupation, yet, something about Sundays allow us great freedom to delve deeper into the wondrous blessings in our lives.

Whether it’s taking deep breaths and acknowledging the infinite love surrounding us all, or thanking the pedal on my foot that graciously gets me to the farmer’s market every Sunday,  or blessing the divine  feminine spirit that creatively uplifts our souls along the way,  I hope you take time to honor the path you choose to walk  – reminding yourself of the beauty & magnificence in front of your eyes.

What are you grateful for today?

Please do share!

I’ll tell you what I am grateful for on this joyous Sunday.

I am grateful for an aromatic green herb named Dill, who I just picked up.

Dill is a close friend of mine, having originated in and around the Mediterranean and the South of Russia – we have ancestral history.   It’s miraculous he even wound up at the local farmer’s market here in sunny Southern California.

Dating all the way back to Egyptian medical texts in 3000 B.C., Dill sure has been around for quite some time.

He was used in the middle ages as a cure to King Charlemagne’s hiccups, the Romans favored him as a digestive aid relieving them of their lethal farts, shooot, Dill was once even considered a “love potion” –  used as a magical spell to elicit sexual prowess.

I love him because he cures my soups with the right spice of aromatic love, lending a tender touch I compare to a great big hug you never want to let go of….

Being compassionate with affection, I sure like including Dill in my miso soups.

Interestingly enough, his name means to soothe or lull, and I must say….MISO LOVES TO SOOTHE!

So on this day, Dill, I would like to say thank you – for showing me love, for providing pleasure, for soothing soups, and for being the great green herb you are….I wouldn’t change you for nothing.

And lastly, above all,  I would like to say thank you to the source responsible for bringing you onto this earth – you are truly one of a kind!

Unit next time.

Take care with ease,

The Miso Man

Dill The Great

ps. I challenge you to take time on this day to honor and give gratitude to someone or something special in your life.  You can share it with the person or share it with The Miso Man.

Whatever soothes your soup!