What is a Miso Mentor?

What is a Miso Mentor you ask?

According to my miso dictionary, a Miso Mentor is a guide who inspires and supports the process of making miso soup.

Who is your Miso Mentor?

I must say, I have a few, but for Part 1 of this Miso Mentor series,  I will write about my father, who is a superb miso mentor.

Let’s call him Dr. Miso due to the plethora of miso soup serums devised throughout his years, nourishing the souls of his devoted community, family, and friends.  A stand-up citizen with several distinguished talents, he has inspired a whole new breed of miso soup makers, including yours truly.

While, it’s hard to really pin-point his soup style, he keeps it simple and grounded.  I think of him as a miso minimalist, focusing mainly on ginger, kale, carrots, and tofu.  Yummy.

Going against the grain with a healthy fine-tuned regimented diet, Dr. Miso is a pioneer in his kitchen, dedicated to the art of making miso soup day-in and day-out.  While some find his cooking/eating habits odd and out-of-the-ordinary,  wondering why he always has miso soup readily available, I find it inspiring and sensational.

If ever I have a question or need some advice on new ingredients or vegetable combinations, Dr. Miso is always willing to talk.

If ever I need fresh air to clear my head prior to cooking a new batch, Dr. Miso is always willing to walk.

I thank you Dr. Miso, for stimulating my senses, for encouraging and supporting all my miso aspirations, and for allowing me to develop my own miso making techniques.  You are a true gentleman and I only hope to inspire more miso soup makers as you have inspired me.

For those who are interested in seeing Dr. Miso’s miso eating posture, I have provided a photo down below.

Dr. Miso