What is The Miso, Man?

People keep asking, writing to me saying, ” Yo miso!  what is this miso you keep talking about?”

Therefore, I would like to take time right now to answer what ya’ll be wonderin’ and speak upon the true meaning of miso to the miso man.

A classic Japanese health food & fine seasoning,  miso is traditionally derived from fermenting soybeans, rice, and/or barley. Mixed with a slash of salt and a dash of koji,  it’s smashed right into a thick paste making miso a wonderful effervescence used for seasoning soups and a slew of other traditional dishes.

As an integral health seasoning in Japanese diets for centuries, miso is rich in health benefits including Protein, Vitamin E, Saponin, Trypsin inhibitor, Isoflavones, Lecithin, Choline, Natural Pigment, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Prostaglandin E, Fatty Acids, and Minerals.

Miso comes in many different shapes and sizes as all living species do.  The taste, aroma, texture, and appearance may all vary depending on the region and season.

The most common flavors are as followed:

  • Akamiso, “red miso”
  • Shiromiso, “white miso”
  • Awasemiso, “mixed miso”
In conclusion, miso is a nutritious food paste that I really enjoy adding to my homemade soup.
I personally like white miso and prefer to use it when I cook.  But everyone has different tastes so I ask you to try them out and let me know what flavors you like best.

If you have thoughts please let me know as I would be happy to engage with each and everyone of you miso enthusiasts.

-Miso Man