The Joyful Secrets to Making Miso Soup

– FOCUS ‘n FUN –

If you can’t have fun, why do it?

Now, that’s an excellent question I always find myself asking.

Ya see, my approach with miso makin’ is similar to my approach with life, I try to have fun.

To make a short post short, my secret ingredient to you all as we journey through this miso makin’ adventure is to, first and foremost, have fun while you’re making the soup.  For G-d’s sake!  It’s plain and simple.  Have fun.  If that means amusing yourself with heavy  garlic one day, then so be it, chop up the garlic.  If that means feeling adventurous one night sneaking in spicy noodles, then by darn,  be adventurous and add the spice.

No one is stopping you!

Now the focus part, that comes with the fun and joy.

You ever notice how easy it is to concentrate on a task when you’re having fun doing it?

Through joy, you naturally become focused and engaged resulting in precise slicing, skillful stirring, and a tender touch giving you freedom to feel a sense of ease….lending you, my friends, skill to create your very own miso soup masterpiece.  Ahhh!

Keep on stirring,

The Miso Man

Miso Man