How to Boil Water With Your Miso Soup?

How to Boil Water with your Miso Soup?

Well, thats pretty simple.  What I normally do is grab my pot and add water then put the flame to high.  Sooner or later it starts to boil.

How much water?

Let’s see, I used to measure it out and put 8-10 cups of water in the pot, but now that I’m more of a seasoned Miso Maker I eye it out…I figure out how many people I am going to serve and how much “miso broth” I would like to share.  Most recently, I like to have a lot of the broth so I have been filling it up to the max.

But wait, there is more….

Under the tutelage of my mother, I was taught to add a Japanese sea vegetable called Kombu to the water prior to it boiling.  From what I read Kombu grows deep in the arctic waters of Japan’s northern-most island.  Its a wide leaf asian veggie and I hear it grows wildly!    I usually use Eden Kombu so big ups to Eden doing there thing in Japan.  My local Whole Foods carries it.  They probably carry it around you too.  Eden claims they “use only the most tender central part of the leaf because of its mild flavor and pleasing texture.”  I say I agree.  Thank you Eden!

So once I have the Kombu, the water, and the flame on high I wait till it boils and, eventually, that’s just what it does…