Why I like making Miso Soup?

Why do I like making miso soup, you may wonder?

I wonder why not?

The joy of assembling combinations of green delights and miso is simply delicious.  It satisfies my soul in ways no other soups have.

What type of miso soup do I make, someone else may wonder?

I say I make “miso for the soul” soup.  That’s right, miso-for-the-soul soup.

What is your dream for the future of miso soup?

My dream for miso soup is that one day everyone will make miso soup.  Not because I told them to but because people will understand how good health can really taste.  There you go…I said it.

What goes into making miso soup, a young soul may wonder?

Well, its not that easy to explain.  Its focus, determination to make the best batch thats inside of me, and love.  Yeh, ya see its mandatory that you have love when you make miso soup because you are taking the time out of your day to make something good for you.  What do they say?  The love you give is the love you get?  Well I give my miso love to get love back in return.  And the love I get back is tender and caring.  Yet, sometimes it can bite…. and I just let it sting…..feeling the power it has to overtake my senses.

What is the roughest batch you have made recently, I myself wonders?

Well, it was up in San Francisco.  I was playing on the road.  I was working with a real tall pot and we had all the right ingredients.  Unfortunately, you just never know with those red hot serrano peppers…I sometimes get over-zealous and I try to sneak more than enough serrano in there.  And, uh, well, this time my senses and my touch was off.  I put in a full pepper when I should have put in a half. To make matters worst, my friend who I cooked it for doesn’t like hot spice in the soup.  It was a wrap.  Shit was too hot.  It was like a snake with a venomous bite.  I let it slide right through but I felt it.  We named it the “Murder Me Miso” and we put it to sleep.  Here is a photo for your entertainment.

The Miso Man

Miso in San Francisco