Gardening in Bel-Air

Hello everyone, I am so sorry I’ve been quiet this past week.  Gardening and seeking new soils have been consuming all my time! That’s right, I’m very fortunate enough to have a small… Continue reading

Passover Parsley

Passover Parsley A friend of mine, named B-Kind, heard thru the vine, I was growing these organic green parsley delights! He asked, “Do you care, to share your greens, with nice Jewish beings, at… Continue reading

Miso Dreams

Click play to read along. MISO DREAMS Aren’t dreams adventurous and bizarre?  I still can’t seem to figure them out. Although, I rarely dream at night,  I receive amazing dreams during the day!… Continue reading

Vegan Burger & a Shorty

Wow, it sure does feel good to Stay Grateful! Today, as I surrender to the magical gift of life,  I am overcome with deep feelings of gratitude for family, friends, and global lovers.… Continue reading

“Miso in Springtime”

Miso in Springtime Love is in the air, can’t ya feel it? Has anyone else noticed a conscious shift of energy, recently? I feel the air has changed gear. It must be springtime!… Continue reading

Got a Tip? 1-877-930-MISO

Got a Positive Thought? A few weeks ago we implemented a new positive messaging system encouraging friends, family & miso enthusiasts to leave daily tips through a discreet miso hotline. With phenomenal feedback… Continue reading

Saturday Night Recipe

Good Evening! For your miso needs, I recorded a Saturday Night Recipe! Unwind…let go….grab a bowl of miso…sip it slow! Music by Miso Mastermind – Cliff Martinez –  “La Cagaste” – Traffic Soundtrack.… Continue reading

Are You A Shrimp?

Life is all about new experiences.  Wouldn’t you say? A first kiss.  Seeing a new city.  Beginning a new job. A fresh start to life. Well, I find this interesting correlation between making… Continue reading

Sunday Sessions w/ Miso

A Great Herb Named Dill Welcome to “Sunday Sessions with Miso”,  a weekly gathering aimed to honor the magical wonders of this world. A divine day to devote and give gratitude to The… Continue reading

All You Need is Love!